Customer Testimonials

"Students taking the state assessment used Whispy to help encode. Being able to hear their own voices increased comprehension." – Bert Hart, Dean of Instruction at JFK Elementary

"My students are considered “newcomers” (20 months or less in U.S. schools) and Whispy helps them with reading pronunciation and enunciation as they are learning English." - ESL teacher

"As soon as my students used the device, they were hooked. From that morning on, they were reminding me to pass them out, and reminding each other to whisper." -1st Grade Teacher

"The noise level in my classroom has been cut in half. The interest in reading has increased and I’ve noticed my students being more enthusiastic during their reading time about reading." - 1st Grade Teacher

"Students using Whispy are beginning to hear the sound and, in turn, are able to write the words."